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09 July 2020 - Catch up with the latest Otter News

Submitted by: Helen

Find out more about what happened for World Otter Day this Year, how the otters in care are progressing and lots more interesting news in the world of otters.

Find it HERE


07 July 2020 - There's so much to read in our latest e-update

Submitted by: Grace


The latest issue of the e-update has so much to tell you.

Firstly, we need to ask for your help in stopping an otter cafe from opening on Bali. These are already very popular in Japan and are driving demand for pet otters, largely taken from the wild.

We're asking for your help by signing the petition and then passing it on to friends and family.

There is also news of World Otter Day and the various events which took place all around the world.

There is also a different article on fossils of giant ancestral otters found in South Africa.

And you can find out about young Chloe who is combining her love or otters and running to help IOSF. Well done Chloe.

There is news of a conservation project in Africa and a new sighting of Maxwell's otter in Iran.

Then, of course there are the usual updates on the otters at the sanctuary, including Bealltain above, and Team Otter.

So all in all there is plenty to entertain you as we wait for restrictions to be lifted.

01 July 2020 - Two new mustelids

Submitted by: Grace


These two little stoats are the latest arrivals at our sanctuary. They may not be otters but they are incredibly beautiful. They were found when someone was doing some work on his croft and by accident disturbed the nest.

They are very active and eating well so hopefully will be released in a few weeks.


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