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Latest Annual Report

23 June 2022 - News - June Week 4!

Submitted by: Callum

* A new face at the Sanctuary *

Cass Intro

Say hello to Cass!

A few weeks ago we received notification from a neighbour of Paul and Grace that an otter was needing attention just a few doors down from the hospital base, almost as though it knew where to look for help.

The otter, who is now known as Cass, is a lovely light coloured older female, who when initially found was very underweight and hungry. Since taking her place in the IOSFs care, Cass has progressed well, enjoying the frequent feeding that she so desperately needed, and regaining a more healthy appearance.

All the other sanctuary residents are still doing well, and we are sure they are hoping for some warmer and brighter days (we know Bealltainn, the sunbathing queen of Skye, definitely is)!

If you would like to help us care for Cass, or any of our other otters, you can order one of our otter adoption boxes here, or donate here. We are extremely grateful for all your support!

* Albino Eurasian Otter in Iraq! *

Iraqi Albino Otter

Jenny the Albino Otter - IraqiNews

Whilst we have been on the topic of light furred otters, the IOSF have been contacted by Omar Al-Sheikhly, our Middle East co-ordinator, after an albino Eurasian otter cub was found in the Tigris river, Iraq.

The otter had been found in a net by a fisherman, called Nasser Latif, who upon posting a video online immediately received many offers to buy the cub, ranging from $50,000 to $100,000! An animal as rare as an albino otter will always command a big price from hunters or those seeking a rare pet. This just goes to show we still have a long way to go in our battle to eradicate this market.

The Ministry of the Environment are looking at getting the otter and taking it to Baghdad Zoo. Unfortunately, due to it's colour, the poor otter is unable to be released. As an albino is so remarkably unusual, it would be far too easy for hunters to spot it, meaning the risk of recapture upon return to the wild is far too high.

We at the IOSF have been in touch in order to help with rearing the otter, who has now been named Jenny.

IOSF Otter Shop
Where your spending supports otter conservation

New Green Pen

* New IOSF Pens! *
You're not going to miss this one in a hurry. Our new ballpoint pen comes in a super green colour (easily seen) and black ink. It is constructed from a wheat straw composite - partly made from wheat straw fibres, so using less plastic and has a comfy grip.

You might want to check out the other products at the Otter Shop too.

16 June 2022 - Latest News - June (3)

Submitted by: Helen

You can catch up with our latest news HERE

* IOSF's Student Research Grant Project gets underway on the Isle of Barra *
* News from the Sanctuary * - Weather for Otters
* IOSF Otter Shop - Father's Day e-card Donation

Glider by Lyn Wells

©Lyn Wells "Glider"

*Used Stamps*
Unfortunately we are no longer able to sell on the used stamps you have been collecting for us and sadly we have to ask you not to send any more. We appreciate the effort so many of you have made to send these to us to help raise donations for the otters. Like so many other things just now, prices have plummeted and costs have soared for those who deal in stamps for charities and we are left with no choice but to stop accepting them.

10 June 2022 - May e-Update

Submitted by: Callum

May e-Update

World Otter Day 22 Mexico

In this months e-Update:-

-World Otter Day 2022

*Read about our grant winners events in Bangladesh, Mexico, Togo and Nigeria as well as other events in India, Lebanon, Montenegro, Paraguay, Peru, Tanzania, the UK, USA, and Uganda

*IOSF World Otter Day Webinar

- IOSF Malaysian Workshop

*A brief recap of our fantastic 2022 Workshop in partnership with the Malaysian Nature Society and Malaysian Otter Network

- News from the Sanctuary

*Updates on Bealltainn, Storm and Wally

*Two new otters at the IOSF

- Team Otter

*A High School trip to the wonderful island of Canna

- Otter Shop product of the month

*Get your hands on the new Sea Otter soft toy

- A new IOSF team member

You can find everything by following the link here!

Baird Eating his tail

02 June 2022 - News - May Week 4

Submitted by: Callum

*World Otter Day 2022*

India WOD Group Photo

A great turn out for this Smooth-coated Otter awareness event in Andhra Pradesh, India - Photo thanks to Dr. Eswar Narayana

World Otter Day 2022 is complete, and what a day we had!

A total of 85 events worldwide took place last week, all to help in the otters cause, and we could not be more grateful!

The webinar event we hosted from IOSF HQ was a roaring success, with over 220 participants on the day, and a further 100+ views on YouTube in just a few days.

Your response to the #WorldOtterDay social media tag was electric throughout the week, with us almost unable to keep up with the amount of posts at times!

We would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who helped make this day so special and spread the cause far and wide.

Don't forget our World Otter Day raffle is still live, and entries are closing on 05/06/2022, so be sure to get your numbers to be in with a chance of one of our great prizes! The link to this is just below!

Thank you!

There will be a much more in depth follow up to the event in the near future!

We hope you all had a great

WOD Raffle Titled

Support our #WorldOtterDay Raffle this year!

We have some super prizes for you. A £5 donation gets you a ticket and you can find out more by clicking the link to our JustGiving page.

*News from the Sanctuary*

Meet Baird

Who's this little fella?

If you think this cute little face doesn't look very familiar, that because you're right! Meet... Baird!

Unfortunately, in the initial bad weather spell at the start of May, we received a call about a young male otter who had become disconnected from his mother. He was found running sluggishly on his own, along the roads in North West Scotland around the village of Laide.

Since his arrival at the IOSF he has developed really well, gaining strength and weight, whilst keeping himself as out of sight as possible, very much maintaining those wild instincts that we long to see retained by our sanctuary otters.

Keep an eye out on the Otter Shop, as adoptions for Baird will be live very soon, and we would love it if you can help us get him through his, hopefully not too long, journey back to the wilds of Scotland!

Wally, Storm and Bealltainn are all continuing to progress well also, and must be excited at the thought of a sunny week ahead (we say with fingers crossed)! This is especially the case for Wally, who has now developed enough to have the run of his full enclosure, equipped with extra large pool!

You can adopt these 3 also through the Otter Shop here. If you would like to help the animals without adopting, we also have a donation function for our Cubs in Care here. We are very thankful for all of our donors' generosity.

* Please share these posts and spread the word about IOSF's work with otters. Thank you for your support!

*IOSF Otter Shop*
Where your spending supports otter conservation

IOSF reusable coffee cup

Our future wildlife stars in the Team Otter group have been working hard in their efforts to help Team Seas keep our Oceans plastic free!

One way to cut down on single use plastics is Reusable drinks cups, and if you're an otter lover like us, we have just the one for you! Featuring our graphic of the 13 otters of the world, our cup is the perfect way to keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold whilst on the move. All this while showing everyone you're Team Otter!

Get yours for just £9.50 by clicking here to view in shop!

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed our news!

01 June 2022 - Malaysian Workshop 2022 - Full Report

Submitted by: Callum

Have you been wondering how our Malaysian workshop with the Malaysian Nature Society went?

You can read about all the details of our teams hugely successful trip to the Kuala Selangor Nature Park by following the link here.

MW 2022 Group Photo 2

Photo by Woo Chee Yoong - Malaysian Nature Society

Thank you!


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