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Report 1:

P 6-7: Skye 2000 (IOSF)
P 8-29: Status of the Eurasian Otter in Europe - a review (Conroy & Chanin)
P 30-41: Role of pollutants in the decline of the otter (Gutleb)
P 42-46: Diseases of otters in Britain (Simpson)

Report 2:

P 1-9: Survey of Danish free-living otters - a consecutive collection and necropsy of dead bodies (Bo Madsen et al)
P 11-15: Ocular pathology in wild otters (Williams)
P 17-36: Pollution and its effects on otter population in SW Europe (Ruiz-Olmo et al)
P 37-47: Distribution and population density of the otter and pollution of aquatic ecosystems in Belarus (Sidorovich)

Report 3:

P 1-49: Role of dieldrin in the decline of the otter in Britain - the analytical data (Jefferies & Hansen)
P 51-63: Review of current knowledge of PHAH toxicity and vitamin homeostasis in the Eurasian otter (Gutleb & Murk)
P 65-72: Post mortem protocol for otters (Simpson)
P 73-78: DNA fingerprinting of otter spraint (Chanin & Coxon)
P 81-92: Integrated approaches to the analysis of contaminants in otters (Shore et al)