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Latest Annual Report

IOSF OTTER OSCARS 2022 - The Winners

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We have been making these annual awards since 2016 to give special recognition to those who have worked to help otters. Following the Committee's discussion over all the submissions received, we are very happy to be able to announce that the following have been awarded the IOSF Otter Oscars for 2022:

SPECIAL AWARD - Dr Wolfgang Gettmann, Germany
Wolfgang has been creating awareness of the problems facing otters, particularly in Germany, for many years and continues to be a passionate advocate for their conservation.

RESEARCH - Frederick Kistner, Larissa Slaney (and co-contributors Asaf Ben David, Zoe Jewell and Sky Alibhair), WildTrack
For the development of technology using otter footprints to monitor populations.

2022 Otter Oscar winners(1)

GROUP or ORGANISATION - Chesapeake Bay Otter Alliance: Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre, USA
Monitoring of North American River Otter’s on Chesapeake Bay, USA

COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT - Krunal Trivedi, Nature Club Surat, India
Otter-community conflict management, outreach and mitigation methods.


YOUNG PERSON - Young Person – Lim Wei Hang and Haizan anak Kamarul Zaman, Malaysia Nature Society (MNS), Malaysia
For their incredible knowledge, passion and help during IOSF/MNS Workshop in April

PHOTOGRAPHY/ARTWORK - Talia Rose, USA (picture below)
Otter Oscar Winner 2022


We would like to thank all other nominees for their submissions and commitment to otters.