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Latest Annual Report

18/03/2020 Sea Otters, Opossums and the Surprising Ways Pathogens Move From Land to Sea
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17/03/2020 Refurbishment of Greengates filling station, UK, to include Otter holt and bat boxes
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14/03/2020 Coronavirus grips world but herons, otters and mynas still on sale at wild animal market
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10/03/2020 Watch adorable video of an Edinburgh otter frolicking in the Water of Leith
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09/03/2020 Otters thriving on the banks of the river Segura around Murcia, Spain
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09/03/2020 Elusive endangered hairy-nosed otter filmed in Sabah wildlife sanctuary
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06/03/2020 Chimney Meadows help save Oxfordshire from floods - but badgers and otters are struggling to adapt says BBOWT
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28/02/2020 Otter and its cubs found dead in St Austell, UK were poisoned click here
25/02/2020 ‘I can flyyy!’ Adorable photos show otter rescue near Morro Rock
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22/02/2020 Rare footage of otters enjoying 'night snacks' recorded in NW China
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