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11 May 2021 - A great line-up for the IOSF Webinar

Submitted by: Grace

The speakers and their presentations have now been confirmed and we are sure you will agree that there is a great variety of topics:


PAUL YOXON, INTERNATIONAL OTTER SURVIVAL FUND - “Global status of the otter and the work of IOSF”

PADMA DE SILVA - “Otter conservation in Asia”

WOO CHEE YOONG – MALAYSIA NATURE SOCIETY - “Research on the Kuala Selangor otters (including the rare hairy-nosed otter) and the work of the Malaysian Otter Network”

SAVE VIETNAM’S WILDLIFE - “Rehab of rescued pet otters, the illegal trade and the threat to wild otter populations”

OMAR AL-SHEIKHLY - “The legendary Maxwell’s otter, distribution, threats and conservation work in Iraq”


MEGAN ISADORE, RIVER OTTER ECOLOGY PROJECT - "Supporting conservation, one otter sighting at a time"

PABLO HERNANDEZ - "Conservation challenges for the Neotropical otter in Mexico"

BRIDGETTE SAN MARCO, SAVE THE GIANTS - “Giant otters in Guyana and the work of Save the Giants”

BEN YOXON, INTERNATIONAL OTTER SURVIVAL FUND - “Team Otter and the importance of children’s environmental education”

WILLIAM MGOMO - “Otters, communities and reducing human-otter conflict in an important African wetland habitat”

Registration is free and you can find more information and sign up HERE


Submitted by: Grace

Webinar poster

IOSF World Otter Day is being celebrated all around the world and so to bring us all together we will be hosting TWO "Otters of the World" webinars to accommodate for all time zones. We want to encourage as many people from different countries to join us!

We have speakers from across the world to really enhance our "Otters of the World" Webinar and show you some of the amazing work that is happening!

The first will be at 09.00am–11.30am and the second from 17.00pm–19.30pm (UK time) so, if you are joining us from different countries please check your times accordingly.

Each session will have five different speakers covering some of the 13 otter species found across the world!

If you would like to register to join our free webinar please fill in the form HERE

There are limited places available so will be given on a ‘first come first, first served’ basis.

The webinar will be free of charge to allow as many people as possible to attend, but we welcome any donations to support IOSF’s World Otter Day!


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