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13 November 2019 - Giant River otters sighted

Submitted by: Helen

Well, patience has paid off and during a field trip as part of the Guyana Conference/workshop, six Giant River otters have been seen. These formed two groups - one of four including a youngster and one of two.

Giant otter

Photo Phil Perry

It must be such a fantastic time for Grace & Paul to see these otters in the wild having spent so many years working for their future in our world.

07 November 2019 - What's happening in Guyana?

Submitted by: Helen

Our intrepid trio (Grace, Paul and Ben) arrived safely in Guyana at the weekend and this week are involved in the workshop and conference. Contact is limited but we have received a brief update from Grace.

"All is going well and there is plenty of interest from local people." They are spending some time on the river, hoping to observe the Giant river otters but no luck so far, but there is plenty of other interest, such as caiman, bats and birds.


An interesting journey to their base

Arrival at Caiman House

Exploring the river


01 November 2019 - And the journey begins...

Submitted by: Helen

IOSF is journeying to Yupukari Village, Guyana, South America for this year's otter training workshop at the Otter Conservation and Community Development Conference 2019, with Save the Giants (conservation organisation).

Guyana Conference logo

South America is a new focus for IOSF, as previous workshops have taken place in Asia and Africa. The aim is to involve the community in conservation and show the benefits of ecotourism, and to study the ecology of the Giant River otter.

There are two otter species in Guyana, the Giant Otter and Neotropical otter.


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