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19 July 2019 - It's Competition Time!

Submitted by: Aodhan

Otters of Shetland

*Its Competition Time!!!*

Thanks to a prize kindly donated by one of the authors himself, world renowned phorographer Brydon Thomason, we are holding a Photo Competition! 📸

The winner will get a copy of Brydon Thomason and Richard Shucksmith's book, Otters of Shetland, The tale of the 'Draatsi', if that weren't enough, the man himself will be deciding who's won!

The pressure's on, because he's been a judge on the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) panel before! So send in your best otter pics (3 max.) to

Our only criteria are:

The photo's got to be of an otter (no surprise 😂)
It must have been taken THIS year
Tell us your age if you're under 18!
You tell us your name and where and when you took the photo 😁
If you are a professional or amateur photographer
Any photograph submitted as an entry into the competition can be used thereafter by IOSF in the course of its work and will be credited to you.

The competition starts now, and ends on the 30th of September. Winner will be announced on the 13th of October. Good luck everyone! Don't forget, send your photos to!

16 July 2019 - Free events taking place in Germany this Autumn

Submitted by: Helen

There will be free events taking place in Germany this Autumn based on "Patschel", an #otter novel written in 1946 by acclaimed local author Heinrich Malzkorn. If you are there, join Heidy Davis at the following venues, and don't miss the exhibitions.

Four readings at locations featured in the book taking place on four Fridays at 19.00hrs. visit the Facebook page here.

30 August Molzmuehle in Bollenberg 41, 41844 Wegberg
6 September Patschebrunnen, Born 49, 41379 Brueggen
13 September Schloss Dilborn, Dilborner Str., 41379 Brueggen
20 September Muechlrather Muehle, An Muehirath 3, 41377 Schwalmtal
Double Otter Exhibition at Brueggen Castle

Patschel cartoons by artist Nik Ebert
11 October - 5 November 2019

Lutra lutra, the Eurasian otter – courtesy of Dr Wolfgang Gettmann
11 October 2019 - 30 March 2020

Round Table talk "Franks Sitzecke" at Brueggen Castle
5 November 2019


11 July 2019 - Karma enjoying a fish lunch

Submitted by: Helen

Today Karma showed us how much she is enjoying the bigger pond she has on the croft, taking her fish into the water and swimming about with it before eating (she knows what it is all about), so it was great with the sun shining to be able to observe her behaviour. She is looking so good.

Take a look at our video of Karma tucking into her fish, with gusto!

Karma enjoying fish

02 July 2019 - World Otter Day in e-update

Submitted by: Grace

This month's e-update is dedicated totally to World Otter Day. It is impossible to mention everyone and everything that happened but we would like to thank you all for what you have done. No matter how small you think your action was, it ALL counts so many thanks.

Read about it here

IOSF World Otter Day 2019

01 July 2019 - Karma moves

Submitted by: Ben

IOSF has taken advantage of the brief nice weather here on Skye to move Karma up to her new croft pen.
She is enjoying the extra space and larger pool which she enjoyed playing in after her move.

Karma - Move


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