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International Otter Survival Fund WORLD OTTER DAY


 Wednesday 28 May 2024
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It is never too early to start thinking about what you can do for World Otter Day in 2024.  Join the many people around the world who get involved to raise awareness of this special animal.
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 IOSF World Otter Day Grants
Each year we offer three grants of £100 for small World Otter Day events to be held and accept nominations for these.  Along with an anonymous donation we were pleased to be able to offer a fourth grant.
Our 2023 World Otter Day Grants were awarded to: 
  • Placide Nkusi, Rwanda

Placide Nkusi will run an awareness campaign with a particular focus on fishing communities, farms and other similar stakeholders. The event will help raise awareness to otters, their ecological role, habitat degradation, and the need to preserve otters and will be one of the first event of its kind in Rwanda and substantial milestone for the conservation of otters. The project will take place in Kibuye (Bwishyura, Karongi District, western province) close to Lake Kivu, an important wetland habitat in the region. This event will be an opportunity to engage the local community by sharing knowledge and enthusiasm about why otters play an important role in our freshwater ecosystem, and by the end of this event, it is expected that all participants will be aware of otters, why to conserve them, and why to protect their habitat and help inspire a new generation of otter enthusiasts in Rwanda.


  • Aurobindo Samal, ECO Earth Crusaders, India

ECO earth crusaders are planning to conduct a seminar to future aspiring conservationists to raise awareness of otters and to leave more about how to conserve them. The seminar will take place at the Regional Museum of Natural History, Odisha under National Museum of Natural History of Central Govts. Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate change.


  • Cork Nature Network, Ireland

Cork Nature network have celebrated World Otter Day in previous years. Their event this year will focus on raising awareness of the Eurasian Otter. The event will focus on the creation and promotion of an otter awareness video, otter education pack and the current work on the 2023 otter survey on connectivity between waterways. It is a focused campaign that will be sent out to the press, local groups and government organisations.


  • Subarna Ghimire, Nepal

They will celebrate World Otter Day by focussing on students, both under and post-graudate, and government officials, by increasing awareness of the otter work, conservation issue and other similar factors relating to otters in Nepal. There will be presentations throughout the day to inspire the next wave of otter researchers and conservationists in Nepal.


Thank you to all who applied, and we hope that everyone has a fantastic World Otter Day when it arrives!