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Wednesday 29 May 2019



World Otter Day 2019 was a huge success, and all of us with IOSF, obviously not forgetting about the otters, would like to say a massive THANK YOU!! For all the work you all put in, for how generous you all were, we've really accomplished a lot this year. We couldn't do any of this without all of you, so to have had such an amazing result is brilliant!

If you'd like to have a look at all our World Otter Day events, click here.

Now, we hope you're all gonna join us for next year's!  Wednesday the 27th of May is World Otter Day 2020! Please tell everyone you can and lets see how many more people we can get involved! If we all band together we can get some even bigger things done.

As always, IOSF will be donating grants towards a World Otter Day event next year as well, but applications aren't open for a while yet, so watch this space! I'd also reccommend you go and check out the Photo Competition we're having right now, details are on the blog :)