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Otter Watch is a practical project which will co-ordinate otter sightings both dead and alive.

The Eurasian otter was one of the sad casualties of the 20th century and populations declined by about 95% in certain parts of England and Wales. Now there are signs that otters are returning although not at the rate we are led to believe in the media. We therefore need your help to monitor this comeback.

The conservation of the otter is vitally important as the otter is at the top of both the acquatic and land food chains and it is highly sensitive to any form of disturbance, pollution and habitat destruction. Because they are so sensitive they act as a warning signal for the health of the environment and this is obviously important for the well-being of humans too.

Post Mortems

IOSF is working with Cardiff University Otter Project who are running a long term environmental surveillance scheme, using otters found dead to investigate contaminants, disease, and population biology across the UK.

If you have found a dead otter and the carcase is still fresh and in reasonably good condition a post mortem could be carried out on it.

Found a dead otter in England? Please telephone 03708 506506 (Environment Agency)

Found a dead otter in Wales? Please telephone 0300 065 3000 FREE (Natural Resources Wales)

Found a dead otter in Scotland? Please telephone 01471 822487 (IOSF)

When calling the EA or NRW, please ask for your nearest conservation / biodiversity officer.

You will be asked for the location of the otter and some other basic information. Please be ready with key information including the exact location and date when the otter was found.

For more information on the Project please visit:

When filling in the form it is important to give an accurate grid reference, help on how to do this can be found at:

Report a sighting

Please report all sightings to

Report a sighting

Thank you for taking time to participate!