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Latest Annual Report

Results of the IOSF 2017 Otter Oscars

We have been overwhelmed with the number of applicants for this year’s IOSF Otter Oscars. After a lot of thought we are delighted to announce the winners are as follows:

• Children's Award – Years 2 and 3 of Cookham Rise Primary Schools, United Kingdom
After learning about otters in class the children held their very own Otter Awareness Day raising £300 for the otters.

• Young People's Award (12-18) – Budjarn Lambeth, Australia

Despite not having any wild otters in Australia, Budjarn has a real passion for them. He has dedicated his time to promoting otters and raising funds for IOSF and especially the Illegal Fur Trade Fund. He now intends to study Environmental Science at university, particularly in fresh water systems, with a view to dedicating his life to helping the animal he so dearly loves.

• Community Achievement Award – Christina Ward, Guyana
Christina started a community based conservation initiative in Guyana that supports and educates local communities about giant otters and empowers them to carry out research, protect the waterways, and hopefully begin ecotourism to sustain healthy and viable environment and populations. Click here for more information on this project

• Group or Organisation Award – River Otter Ecology Project, USA
The Project was set up in 2012 to monitor the return of North American River Otters to the San Francisco Bay Area. It carries out public awareness and encourages people to report otter sightings to learn more about distribution.
Otter Oscars_ROEP

Terence Carroll, President on the left, Megan Isadore, Exec. Director, receiving their award from Peter Barto, Volunteer. "We are inspired and honored ourselves at this recognition by one of the world’s most treasured organizations supporting otters worldwide. Thank you!" (photo ©ROEP)

• Research Award – Dr Nicola Oakes, South Africa
Nicola completed her PHD on the conservation ecology of Cape Clawless Otters in 2017 discovering new information and methodology. At the same time she created awareness in the broader community.

"... Thank you IOSF for the amazing work you are doing for otters and otter researchers and enthusiasts all over! I am very proud of my otter Oscar :)"

• Photography/Artwork Award – Dave Webb, United Kingdom
A photograph taken while monitoring otters in Devon.
Dave Webb

• Special Award – Vic Simpson, United Kingdom
Since 1988 Vic has carried out ground breaking and inspirational work on the Eurasian otter and trained others to do so. He has carried out over 700 otter post mortems and trained staff from Cardiff University to carry on this work. His work over the past decades has ensured that conservation efforts towards otters have the correct scientific knowledge to be successful.
Otter Oscars - Vic Simpson

Vic Simpson receiving his award from Kate Hills at the Cornwall Mammal Group Christmas event. (photo ©Kate Hills)

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The date for submissions for the IOSF 2018 Otter Oscars will be published later in the year.

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