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Latest Annual Report

16 May 2019 - IOSF recognised by invitation to Royal Garden Party

Submitted by: Aodhan

Paul and Grace were honoured to be invited to the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. This was in recognition of 25 years of caring for otters throughout the world.

It is also in recognition of all of you loyal supporters, without whom this would never have been possible.

Thank you.
Royal Garden Party 2019

03 May 2019 - That's a big cheque!

Submitted by: Helen

We had a visit from Tom and Georgia of @TescoDingwall to present IOSF with a BIG donation cheque.

Through their Bags for Help scheme, IOSF's otter rehab centre has received £3,020.

Everyone at IOSF would like to say a huge thank you to Tesco Dingwall and their customers!

Tesco Cheque

01 May 2019 - Fuzi!

Submitted by: Ben

Many of our followers will know of our past involvement and the history of Congo-clawless otter cubs in the Democratic Republic of Congo and more specifically, Kikongo Otter Sanctuary.

Meet Fuzi, the 6th otter that they have cared for. Fuzi joins the illustrious company of otters before her that have been rehabilitated back to the wild, such as Mazu, Kamiya and Mweka. Like the otters before her, she will be cared for by Glen and Rita Chapman and their wonderful Congolese helpers, Delphin and Sico.

Fuzi (1)

At the beginning of April we received an email from Rita telling us of a "new baby in the house". She had been alone for five days since her mother was killed by fish pond harvesters. Even though she was so small and had no food or water for five days she was in remarkably good condition. Under the expert care of Rita and her team the cub quickly put on 430 grams and now weighs 1kg and her eyes are open!

Rita told us "I am as totally captivated with this charming little creature with all of her wiggles, soft tweets and squeaks, and hand clasping as I ever was with Mazu. Fun to relive this stage."

Fuzi (2)

The baby now has a name - Fuzi, which is short for Kimfuzi meaning courage/bubbling energy - and that energy will soon be apparent!

They also work tirelessly in the community encouraging the local villagers to care more for their wildlife and environment.

Rita has asked if we can help her with the otter enclosure. Anyone who has never had an otter will not realise how destructive they really are. Rita put it beautifully "Our enclosure has been dis-assembled already numerous times by 3 determined, industrious otters - and frantically repaired by 3 equally determined otter care takers. They climb, they dig, they chew, move unmovable obstacles out of the way, unplug ponds... They take such delight in being such persistent, clever problem solvers."

Click Here to adopt Fuzi and help contribute to her care. Select African otters - Fuzi from the drop-down menu!