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Latest Annual Report

11 January 2019 - CITES uplisting for Asian Otters

Submitted by: Grace

IOSF has been working closely with scientists and wildlife conservation organizations to secure adequate protections for Asian small-clawed, smooth-coated and hairy-nosed otters under CITES. All three species are currently on Appendix II (The Eurasian otter is already Appendix I).

Proposals to amend the CITES Appendices had to be submitted by at least one country within the geographical range of the species by 24 December in order to be considered at COP18 (to be held in May 2019 in Sri Lanka).

As you may have seen, India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal are leading the effort, and have submitted proposals to uplist Asian small-clawed and smooth-coated otters to Appendix I of CITES. These can be seen here. Unfortunately, no range state was able to complete everything in time for a proposal for hairy-nosed otters – perhaps the species in most need of protection!

However there is another procedure which would allow a range state to include hairy-nosed otters as well. We have engaged with some environmental lawyers, who have advised us that a proposal to uplist the hairy-nosed otter can still be submitted and considered between the COP’s using what’s known as the “postal procedure” under the CITES Convention. It’s usually reserved for extreme cases where little objection to an uplisting is anticipated and the species very clearly meets the criteria for Appendix I, like the hairy-nosed otter.

This is an important step for otter conservation and to drawing attention to the severe threat to otters from trade. All three proposals and the countries who chose to submit proposal have the full support of wildlife conservation and science organizations in the region and around the world.

CITES logo

10 January 2019 - Otter Naming Competition Winner

Submitted by: Helen

The winner to the name competition for the smooth-coated otter in Cambodia, is Dee Ellis.

Cambodian smooth-coat

We want to thank those who took part and helped raise funds towards the care of this otter at the Wildlife Alliance Rescue Centre Phnom Tamao.

Congratulations Dee!
Dee's name suggestion is Sangha which means 'handsome' in Cambodian. Dee will also receive one of the two prize options offered.

07 January 2019 - Latest IOSF e-news update is available online.

Submitted by: Helen

Catch up with all our December news HERE and find out about the new cub in care, Karma.

Karma weigh-in

If you want to help with the care of our otters, or our otter conservation work, you can donate at the Otter Shop.

01 January 2019 - Happy New Year!

Submitted by: Helen

We wish our supporters a happy and peaceful 2019, and look forward to continue working with you all.
New Year 2018