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Submitted by: Grace

Did you know that if you are in the UK you can donate to help the otters with your mobile. Text IOSF11 and the amount you wish to sponsor to 70070 to donate to IOSF and make a difference today. For example IOSF 11 £10 will provide a donation of £10, which will greatly help our fish bills for the otters in our care.

Many thanks

16 May 2018 - Only 2 Weeks to go... #worldotterday

Submitted by: Helen

2018 World Otter Day

There are only two weeks to go before it is IOSF WORLD OTTER DAY #worldotterday and we are thrilled to see events are happening in 20 different countries, so far. Click here to see our world map.

We hope that on the day (in fact why not every day) everyone will at least use #worldotterday on all of their social media posts. So, it is still not too late to do something and please encourage your family and friends to do the same. Let's get otters trending across the world and raise awareness. We want as many people as possible to see otters on the day - Wednesday 30 May 2018. If it is not in your diary, it should be :)

You can even fundraise on Facebook for us. It's a simple and accessible platform, used by so many people. What a great opportunity. Check it out in the drop-down menu top right of your Facebook page...
Facebook Fundraiser

14 May 2018 - Otter vs. Crow

Submitted by: Ben

On Saturday I had the pleasure of watching this otter as it struggled against the waves and this brave crow to eat.
The otter continually slipped into the water, grabbed a crab before coming back to the land to eat. The crow was never far behind.

After a while the otter, either had enough of the crow or was full up, slipped back into the water and disappeared out of sight.

Click Here to watch the video ©Sarah Corrigall

10 May 2018 - Sofi is free!

Submitted by: Grace

Sofi is now back in the wild. We had hoped to be able to release both of the otters together, but unfortunately Noelle was not interested in seeing the big wide world and refused to be caught. She simply hid in a hole the otters had burrowed into the bank of their pond and refused to come out! There was absolutely nothing we could do.

We had Sofi, so decided it was better to release her and then take Noelle another day when she is being more co-operative.

Sofi's release went perfectly. She explored the edge of the water for a short time and then disappeared into an overhang in the banks

Sofi release


She has a very inquisitive nature and we are sure she will soon settle in her new home.

04 May 2018 - Latest e-update is now online

Submitted by: Grace

Our latest e-update is now available online

Here you will find a report on the recent otter training workshop in Laos.

You can also see how the various otters in our sanctuary are doing and progress on plans for World Otter Day.

01 May 2018 - World Otter Day 2018 - only 4 weeks to go!

Submitted by: Helen

2018 World Otter Day


We hope that you are all planning to get involved and give otter awareness a huge boost across the world.

We are receiving more information about events that are happening and you can view these on our World Otter Day Events Map [click on the map for more information].

Get in touch and tell us about what you are doing so that we can add it to our website