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Latest Annual Report

14 November 2018 - Do you know someone who deserves an Otter Oscar

Submitted by: Grace

2018 Otter Oscar Award

This is the third year of our Otter Oscars and nominations are coming in. If you know of someone who deserves an award click here for more information. You will also find a click through to take you to the nomination form.

Nominations can be for an individual or an organisation and you can nominate yourself or on behalf of someone else.

So tell us more about the wonderful people working for our otters and give them the recognition they deserve.

13 November 2018 - New facilities

Submitted by: Grace

Work is progressing with the new otter facilities.

digger for new facilities small

The digger came to dig the hole for the foundations and now Paul and Ben are working on the shuttering for the concrete.

Shuttering small

It has been a long time getting to this stage with various delays and poor weather. But now things are moving and even the weather is being kind to us.

12 November 2018 - Lots of otters!

Submitted by: Grace

The last few days have given us a "feast" of otters, almost as if they know we are building up to our anniversary.

On Friday, Helen took some people otter watching and had the joy of seeing a female and two very young cubs. The mother was bringing fish back for the cubs who were on a rock. They then followed her into the water and tried to dive but weren't very successful as they were so buoyant. Helen said they were giggling quietly watching the antics of these cubs.

On Saturday a different female and two cubs were seen as they went past our house. Of course, I was at a meeting in Inverness so I missed them!

Ben also saw two fighting in the water. Although we have seen the evidence of fighting through horrific wounds, it is not common to actually witness it.

These sightings might lead people to think that otters are indeed everywhere as is so often reported in the media. However, here on Skye, we are very privileged to live in an area where the population is relatively safe from disturbance. But the fragility of this was brought home this morning when we were called to a dead otter on the way to the pier in Broadford. It was a young female although not an adult. Such a shame.

We are fully away that not everyone can have the pleasure of watching them as we do. So while we enjoy our otters, it focuses us even more how important it is to conserve them and their habitats.

09 November 2018 - Join Mary and Sophie in helping us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary

Submitted by: Grace

Mary Heathcote and Sophie Hall from Somerset came up with the idea of wearing their 25th year IOSF t-shirts on the day of our anniversary, 16 November.

Mary Heathcote and Sophie Hall

We thought this was such a great idea that we invite you all to join with them and wear your IOSF t-shirt on this special day. It doesn't have to be the anniversary one - in fact it will be great for us to see some of the older ones as well.

Just take a photo of yourself in your t-shirt and post it on social media but also please send a copy of the photo to so that we can be sure we don't miss it.

25 year logo

05 November 2018 - Vote for IOSF in the Charity Film Awards

Submitted by: Ben

IOSF has entered the Charity Film Awards with the Portuguese version of our otter film, which highlights the threats to otters worldwide.

Charity Film Awards

Please vote for us HERE.

Once you have voted please share this with your friends and family through social media.

You can help us make more people aware of otters and how important it is that we protect them.

The film is available in many other languages on our website

Many thanks

01 November 2018 - Help us celebrate our 25th Birthday

Submitted by: Helen

Friday 16 November is a very special day for IOSF as it marks our 25th Anniversary. During this time we have passed many milestones as our work has developed and become more global, helping otters worldwide and all with your help.

One of our long-standing supporters, Mary Heathcote and her granddaughter Sophie Hall, tell us they are going to be wearing their IOSF t-shirts on 16 November to celebrate IOSF's 25th year. So, we thought that those of you who have an IOSF t-shirt, past and present, or from one of our training workshops, might want to do the same and join in the celebrations.


A selection of IOSF t-shirts over the years

So, we have decided to make a competition of it and the winner will be able to choose one of the following prizes:

Signed copy of "Otters of the World"
Plush otter toy (30cm)
IOSF reusable/recyclable coffee mug

What you need to do:
On 16 November, get posting a photograph of you in your IOSF t-shirt on social media and share it to our Facebook page @InternationalOtterSurvivalFund
(please email a copy to us also, at to be certain that we see it).

Good Luck and thank you.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 20 November 2018.


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